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For Specialist Independent Operators, Mavericks & Experts

Building Your own Assets

Owning & developing your independent digital assets makes superb sense! Nobody can dictate terms to you, you can manage your online promotions, and of course host your own video/audio/articles ๐Ÿ™‚

Tech Support

You might be a superb teacher, or communicator but maybe you are time-strapped, or just not as up with digital tech as you would like, we take the hassle and worry out of building and managing your digital assets, this is a liberating experience.

Creative Assistance

Because we are practitioners, and not simply techie-types, we can provide help for all of your production needs. This means we add significant value for your projects ๐Ÿ™‚

Your Digital Savior

Because I & my team are all educators and communicators we have that special understanding which informs our technical services – this is unique, special, you don’t encounter this out there too much; look for yourself, Buzzmode is about turning your expertise into a structured, effective, transformational product which you can change lives with, including your own ๐Ÿ™‚

Launching Help

Building your digital assets, putting together your courses and teaching materials is one thing, then you have to get clients! We achieve this through launching! The process of launching your unique offer requires planning, structure and sequencing. We can help with this, we use our unique ‘sideways sales’ process and list building – you are not alone.

Promotions, social media, podcasting...

Today’s digital world provides us with some supremely powerful ways to reach specific types of people, but you need to know how to leverage the tech, the tools and the resources. We are specialists in helping professional educators and experts get their independent projects up and running, we turn your ideas into a viable, working reality.

The internet has enabled a massive revolution in Education & Training I set out to help my fellow teachers, and all kinds of experts actually build their dream, an independent transformational online education project which is truly theirs - this changes lives!
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Mike Gorman
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The Internet Has Changed
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If you are an expert, or specialist and you want to make a difference, and change lives, including your own, we can do this with today’s incredible resources, this is a true revolution!