A Brief History of Buzzmode & Why And How We Work

The Big Game Changer of Our Times

Some History

The game has changed completely!

So, way back around 1995 I recognized that the world was going to change in a big way. I don’t mean I was some kind of prophet, but yes I was astute enough to see that our world was about to change in a massive way.

The emergence of the Internet was not just a technical feat, it represents what the philosophers call a ‘Paradigm Change’, make no mistake this process is by no means completed, in fact it is still early!

Now, a ‘paradigm’ is an entire set of thinking, it is a collective view of the world.  We don’t need to get too technical about this, but we should recognize the full scale of just what is taking place.

I began to learn all that I could about computers, about networking, software, data bases, applications, I became hugely interested with what was occurring in our society across the entire western world. 

I earned my living as a result of this learning for about 18 years in the corporate sector, working in the UK, and Australia as an IT specialist helping significant businesses to use this new technology, to enable their employees to actually operate, to apply this new technology. I was a troubleshooter, a highly paid expert who could work anywhere I chose. But I chose to work for myself, and on behalf of genuine people who I saw were struggling out there.

I am not telling you this to brag, or to big-note myself, I simply want to let you know that I have earned my stripes, and that your case is always the most important matter to me. 

I focus on helping people because so many ‘experts’ have a cold, clinical approach, they disrespect customers and focus on their own outcomes, their projects are mostly about them succeeding, not you, don’t be seduced by their egotism, get help and resources which stack the odds in your favor for a change.

This venture, and my own approach involves taking the opportunities which the Internet has created to enable all kinds of new ways to work, to get things done, for real people.

In a nutshell this is what Buzzmode is about, it is a community, a a resource and a genuine expression of offering help, support, and practical services for real people. Communication, Sales, Education, SEO, Writing, Video, Podcasting. 

Problem solving & communication, providing powerful, genuine help for people who recognize the value and critical need to address their digital presence.

If you are a specialist, operating in very specific areas, I provide the practical means for your online education/communication project to succeed.


online education and web resources

Mike Gorman

I am a unique blend of adult education, and technical skills.

My education background includes a bachelor degree, and adult education qualifications, in addition to my IT and web experience. So I have a unique insight into the needs of online educators, and all kinds of specialist communicators.

Mike heads a unique operation, which is hell bent on helping real people get their online education intentions out there in today’s open market, today’s online education revolution needs thought leaders, and unique specialists.